Forever Different

The Movement

Every now and then a movement comes along that changes the way we look at entertainment. Forever Different has an unconventional approach to the music industry that strikes the mind and heart of their followers with music, shows and merchandise.

We Dont Fit In

We always felt different, like we was born in the wrong time period, or maybe even on the wrong planet. We just dont fit anywhere so we created our own lane, so be different.  Forever Different.



Our music is original, we bring authenticity to the business with a strong back round in the performing arts.


Stay tuned and follow our blog with current events from the team. Feel free to browse the gallery as well, Forever Different is the destination for everything exclusive.


Our team brings some of the hottest talent in the world to a city near you. We provide great shows with a safe atmosphere and top notch artist.


Support the movement with the Forever Different apparel. We have new styles added monthly and high quality garments for men, woman and kids. 




The Streets
Flex Mason

Jerome Vonzelle Brooks who performs as Flex Mason, is an American rapper best known for his verisitlity, creativity, and memorable voice. Born in Chicago,  Flex Mason started his music career in his local church as a pianist. He then began to write and perform his own rap songs for friends at Garfield Elementary school creating songs and posting them online, and creating mix-tapes.





With his dad being locked up for murder a few months before his birth and his mom dying at age 9, Drozay learned at a young age how cold the world can be. He moved around a lot as a kid with different relatives and he brings his experiences and pain into the studio. He fits the model of “We dont fit in” being in trouble his whole life and never finding a family until he joined the Vice Lords at age 14.




“With Today I can smile knowing how far I came”.

When Tu Tu was growing up, life was a everyday struggle going from door to door with six other siblings. After loosing his mother at age 11 and no one there to guide him in the right direction, he did what a lot of other black kids did growing up in poverty, he joined a gang. The difference between him and other kids was he wasn’t a follower and had a mind set of my own. His father was always tough on the family and of course after losing his wife things got tough on him as a parent so (DCFS) got involved and split the family up. Right then TU TU took his life into his own hands. After going to one of the top high schools in Chicago for football which was his first dream, (NFL)he had all the top colleges interesting until his Junior year 2010. He caught 4 counts of armed robbery and was sentenced to 9yr in (IDOC) where he ended up serving 4yr and 6 M at the age of 22. “It was a new beginning, coming home I had a clear mindset knowing all the big things that happened while I was incarcerated. I knew I wanted different”.



New video coming soon!! Stay Tuned!! Sept.22!! 10AM

☝🏾👀Here’s a SNEAK PEEK of FDF’s “FLICK ME UP” video dropping this Friday, September 22nd @ 10am! Check out the full video on VEVO and YouTube. Single available for download on iTunes, Tidal, Shazam, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Apple Music! 📸Be Different. Forever Different!!! ⏩   We took the whole team to Atlanta to shoot a...
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Day In the Life Houston

We move as a unit! Follow Forever Different through Houston.
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Skeeno The Stoner

Load Up! off the new FDF album coming soon
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Flex Mason Promo Run

Flex Mason has been all over the country promoting his new single, see more photos at foreverdifferent.com  
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